Here’s proof that I graduated from college.


I’m Anna Lefkowitz. I’m currently an associate interactive designer at Artemis Ward, a digital creative agency in D.C. I make a lot of social media graphics — everything from simple quote cards to bite-sized animated data visualizations — for some pretty cool clients. I also work with copywriting, web design, UX/UI, and editorial design.

I just graduated from American University with a degree in Foreign Language and Communication Media with a focus in Spanish Translation and Broadcast Journalism. (I say “journalism” at parties.) I’m a self-taught graphic designer, but I honed my design skills at USA TODAY’s Social Media Visuals department and the World Resource Institute’s Human Resources and Communications department. Here’s my resume.

In my free time, I love exploring DC, traveling, teaching myself how to code and learning languages. Because why not?

Email me at and call/text at 443.244.7110.